You name it, and we do it for you! We bring to your doorstep a host of professional services that will suit every need.

  • Residential and commercial roofing both are looked after by our highly competent and skilled repair persons. They will look into every aspect of your construction needs. It may be your cherished home or your place of business, Katy Roofer has it all covered. You might have envisioned your space with metal roofing, or with three-tab shingles or even a barrel tile, we can make it all happen for you reasonably and effectively.
  • Roof maintenance is the most popular service we offer. No job is too small or too big for us! Any kind of Katy Roof Repair and roof leaks can be fulfilled with competence. We track down the root cause of the damage and repair it to perfection. Roof replacement is also an option if the damage is too extensive. We are happy to perform the best available option for you.
  • Hail damage assessment is a vital part of our services. Hail can cause permanent damage to your roof. It is crucial that you understand the full impact of the loss before you start repairs. It is imperative that you have a general idea of the extent of destruction the hail has wreaked to get a correct estimate towards repairs.
  • Wind damage assessment also requires the same level of commitment to detail. Our repairpersons will ensure that every impairment is looked into thoroughly. It could be minor surface damage or may entail major repairs. You can rest assured that Katy Roofer will get it sorted for you in the best manner possible.
  • No roof repair is complete without a complete overhaul of the Gutters and Downspouts. It is perhaps the most relevant job that a roofer needs to handle. It is a known fact that your roof is not secure and can incur harm if the gutter and downspout system is not expertly installed in the first place. The system ensures that your roof is adequately protected from heavy rains and debris. You will never face damage from a waterlogged roof when our technicians do the job.

  • Exterior siding can add a beautiful look to your home. Our professionals will add faux rock paneling or any other design that you prefer to create a high-quality exterior to match your taste. We can handle all your exterior needs with aplomb!
  • Drywall and Painting – When you buy a home in Katy, you can depend on us to give you a comprehensive service in all departments. Katy roofer will also provide you with an excellent Drywall and painting service to match the fabulous exterior you have chosen for yourself.

  • Fencing is also a vital element that your home needs. You can call us to create a secure fence that looks beautiful too. We will ensure your home’s safety and make it look pretty also. Utilitarian and functional fencing can change the way your domain looks in a striking way.

Looking after Insurance Claims

We, at Katy Roofer, understand that your finances can be strained if your home and roof have faced extensive damage. You can rest assured that we will help you judiciously use your insurance. Professional assessments, comprehensive and accurate cost estimates and thorough follow up will help you claim insurance as and when needed. 

We will help you claim damages by assisting you at every step.

Once you choose us, we do all we can to keep you delighted with our service. Katy Roofer will keep your abode in Katy safe, beautiful, and well-protected every single day!